“Where Everyone Is Equal”

I remember in the fifties when the Immigrant’s  from the West Indies started to come to the UK. The atmosphere of uncertainty, dislike and all the other emotion’s that this provoked. What a load of bs. Our slum was the nearest community to one of the main area’s that were used to house the West Indian community. Being 5,6,7 year old children, we were influenced by the general consensus of the adults. We used to have childish pretend battles. Bow & arrow? and a little stone throwing. Then, one day I thought to myself, hold on a minute, the children from “The St“. are my school friend’s ?? we play each day in school. The next time a War Party was being spoke about, I told my school friend’s and joined them, talk about causing an upset.
Afterward though, No More War. We could  all now have access to the bombed theatre at the bottom of “The St”. Our playground. I can still remember it today. Kid’s, being taught to be Racist. It eventually turned out that the West Indian community of that generation were, good parents, hard working, and respectful members of our society.
One of the most important element’s for me is that, I was listening to Bluebeat/ Reggae, from an early age. I was always looked after in the café, the people who lived down Old Montague St, West Indian immigrant’s mainly, would feed us, try and get us to go home, because I suspect, they might have been fearful in some way. They couldn’t’t get me out of there, the music would just take me away. Still the same today. All the immigrants wanted was a new start in life, and who could blame them for that ? By the 60s people were more into Love & Peace, Kennedy was the new Messiah. He intended to change the Gold rate exchange, to Silver, thereby stifling the powers of Bankers. Did it work ? Not likely !!Look at how at how he ended up.

Next it was the turn of the Asian community.

Knowing, Harsh Racism in their own countries, through the caste system, they must have been terrified at the prospect of relocating to a different country with a cultural background of Racism and slavery. Still, they were willing to do so, because it had to better than the regime in their own country. How did we welcome them? Once again it was no joyful reception. No one thought to say: Thank God that you have made it to a land that will welcome you. Oh no, the parochial, inherent, Racism was the greeting they received. They brought a positive change to the way we shop, their work and family ethic’s are second to none. We should take a leaf from their book with regards
The care of elderly family members. They are valuable members of  cross community programs. How many people eat an Indian meal ? How many misguided Racist’s eat an Indian meal. Get on the same page !!!

Next it was the turn of, open door policy.

Any one who was European was now  welcome to move, work, claim benefit ,even for their children back in their homeland. Once again, fear and anger was played upon by the media, who by now have become adept at this. You must remember that newspaper, television and now digital media, are all owned by BIG corporation’s. They have to provide a dividend for the shareholders, but more importantly, they have to pay the INTEREST to the bankers. This not only applies to the Media, it also applies to any major corporation. The Banks, must, come first !!!!!!!!!

Next it was the turn of African Community

Please tell me, how can one not be outraged by the plight of Africa ? They have no food, no water, no medicine, no HOPE. For hundreds of years they have been exploited for the Minerals  that the continent had/has. No regard was given to educating the masses, no encouragement in any form, to  better  themselves. Definitely no help in showing that Tribal integration, should be a priority. Divide & Rule, at  it’s most inglorious. Treated worse than an animal. Taken from their homeland to become a Slave. A slave to the dirty lucre that the “Powers That Be” deem to be the only way to run our world. BEING in control of it is the mainstay of the corrupt, political system’s ( a corporate arm of Banking)that permeate this unjust world.
The fear of the indigenous people of countries, where immigration, legal or otherwise, has occurred, is once again allowing the corrupt leaders to bring about change that suit’s only the “Powers That Be” ?! What are we doing on a personal, community, national level to stop this. Nothing !!!! Teach  our new guest’s, a New Approach would benefit us all. Rather than showing fear and anger, AGAIN, be glad that you personally are willing to do all you can to help. Creating harmony amongst all people is the ONLY remedy.

So, we are talking of fifty years passing and if anyone can point out a Significant change to Racism, I would really be grateful to hear of it. To my mind we have not moved an iota. Rhetoric and promise’s, rhetoric and promise’s.
A New Approach is long overdue. For years and years we have had to rely on  Anti-Racist slogan’s, banners and other merchandise, relating to another organisation/s
Not good enough in my opinion. Direct, no ambiguity, the chance to say for oneself,
Non-racist, ”Where Everyone Is Equal”.
The approach must be Ghandi like, non-violent, respectful and dignified.

Let us no longer put up with their, “Ambush in the Night” practise,. “The “Power’s that Be “ have a powerful arsenal. Divide & Rule is the most potent.
They are not content with reaping huge monetary profit. Pitting one Race against another, Racial Hatred creating an uncaring, intolerant, society.
Minorities will remain minorities. Being content with a bone every now and then Why, oh why, can’t you see through this sham ?

I am Responsible for my thoughts, feelings, actions and Consequences.

As long as your not hurting anyone, emotionally or physically, with intent, then live your life in Peace & Love. I am not to bothered with what, Race, colour, creed you are. Curtis Mayfield, No Thing On Me ”I have met many people over the years and in my opinion, people are the same everywhere, they have the same fears, shed similar tears, die in so many years“. What difference man, what difference ??

To all dem yoth  man,I say,“ What F–kery !! Ya no want a better place man ?
I was sucking my teeth, bloodclot, Rasta, walking with a bop, before your parents were born. Been their, done it. Worn dozen’s of Tshirt’s. Now I will let you into a liggle secret man: You know that arsehole in school, the one who just wont leave you alone, always picking on you for no good reason, making your life a complete misery, and you cant understand  WHY ? Well, you the know other one, who is doing the same ? They have been told by the headmaster, ”You can take a few more liberties, but don’t go to far, nick their paper round money. Nick their pocket money(if they are lucky enough To get any).Do not worry about the consequence’s of any action you take, it will be sorted” Now youth man, substitute the Headmaster for Banker and life in general instead of school !!!!!!!!! If you want to join a gang, for whatever reason, please join this gang. We can, and will make a difference, if we rid ourselves of the, hateful, unjust, intolerable, practise’s of Racism.

When will WE put an end to it.


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