Understanding & Tolerence

Racism: The Divide & Rule Policy

This policy has been around for millennium. From the tribal to the Global.
We know for certain that this system is not a workable one, yet we persist in adhering to this outdated, unfair, unjust policy. Why ? Who benefit’s the most from this ? Not everyday people, who just want to see peace, not war, who want to see a stop to, the rape of  our Planet. People do not want to be in debt to Bankers. People are sick to death of their “Hamster Wheel” policy. With Boom & Bust occurring again and again. The rich getting richer ,the poor and most needy, having funding cuts (Charities)and benefit’s  reduced(Claimants).

The rape of the Planet by corporations.

Mineral right’s are the name of the game for them. Their corruption knows no bounds. In Third World Countries despots are allowed to flourish as long as they are willing to let the corporation take what they want. They do nothing at all to ensure the local, indigenous people are well looked after. Not part of their remit, not the corporations problem, rape and move on. Pit one tribe against another, start arming them, one or both. Who cares ? Get the job done.
The rape of the Planet is ceaseless ! Who really knows what effect this might be having on it. Corporations are not interested . They are now turning their attention to renewable energy. They refuse to miss a trick. They are all using tax avoidance schemes, in front of Governments nose’s, who pretend to be doing something about it, when in fact, the actual Revenue Inspector’s, are being wined and dined on a regular basis by the Tax Avoidance corporations. The big accounting firms get a slap on the wrist, naughty boys !! Then come up with a better, more intricate plan. We are sick of their spin, we see right through it. All the advertising, it is beyond belief that we are still accepting it. Wake up folk.
War and engendered hatred are the main focus of the corporate world. Talk about a win, win situation ? They ALL stand to benefit. From tooth paste, to laying waste of whole areas and countries. Then they start to bring in the large building corporations, to fleece the area with overpriced projects, that are not beneficial to the people. The people pay for this though and then the corporation sells it to another private company, National or Global, and the people have to carry on paying for decades. These are the people who supply the war machine with everything it needs. The most profitable would have to be the arms manufacture. They get Billions from Governments for the research of new weapons. Then the Government buy it, even if it is not fit for purpose. The corruption in this corporate arena is in a class of it’s own. No one is allowed to investigate this corruption, Not in the National  Interest ? Talk about, Got it Made.
The Political Corporation.

Social & Society politicians are a thing of the past. Even if that was the intention when they ran for office, it would have been whipped out of them in no time.(Pun intended).They have to conform to party dogma or face the consequence’s. The one’s that may show the nerve to buck the system, are either discredited in some way or made an offer that would be stupid to turn down. They  then sell their soul. Corruption on a massive scale, as seen in the expenses scandal. A golden hello, second jobs, still on expenses, a hefty salary, jobs for family, by means of coming to an arrangement with a fellow corrupt politician using members of the opposite family to be listed as working for the other one. Plus, an index linked pension(whatever that is)I think. We must not go and forget after their term is up. If they have had a position of rank, particularly, but not necessarily ,then it is what comes after that can be the most lucrative. Private companies pay top money to politicians who have favoured them, whilst in office.
The lobbyists catch them early. Perks galore to start with, underhanded payments of one kind or another. Holidays, overseas jaunts, wine and dine, private school fees. The list is endless. They come up with more ingenious ideas to make their life easy, forgetting who put them their and what duty they owe to the voting public for doing so. How many ex minister’s are now ensconced in the industry that they have had a hand in selling down the river to the private sector ? Wake up folk.

Corporate Media

The biggest spin department on the Planet. Disinformation, scaremongering, lie’s.
Journalists are no longer interested with winning a Pulitzer, following corporate policy  and feeding it to the general public, in a massive concerted way, is their job now. They undermine the very essence of reporting, bringing the truth for all to see, and journalism. Where have the investigative ideals gone ? Sensualisation is all that matters, creating the news.
You should all be ashamed. It is your endeavours, that are going to bring a draconian ,political system for your children and grandchildren to live under ?? Well done. Please don’t forget to tell them, how smug you feel for doing so. You are the worst kind of Racist, one that  encompasses all people, regardless of anything else.


From history we see that this corporate group are the worst.
For hundreds of years they have been the people who have earned the most from Divide & Rule. Why, because they created it. It was found to be so profitable that it would be the mainstay of their corporate structure forever. WAR !! The Bankers provide the loans to the corporations. The corporations and their unscrupulous methods, dictated by greed and Interest payments to Bankers. Politicians declaring war, thus enabling this never ending cycle to continue.

We must start to use A New Approach. One that unites all the Minorities. While looking to get your Minority the best deal you can, you seem to be missing the point. That being, Minorities will remain Minorities, content with a bone being thrown to them occasionally. No real progress. So many NGOs, .ORGs, all after the same thing, an end to injustice. Racism is the injustice we must concentrate on. It is the only way to curb this never ending cycle. In my opinion, the be all and end all of the stance we must take. The Racist has a name, the nonracist has to be aligned with some other group, to show how they feel. No more, if we all joined together, under one banner, EVERYONE would sit up. This must be achieved in a Ghandi like manner, non-violent, calm and dignified. The time is now. We are in the Technological communicative era. The power of the Net ?? Under one Million people influenced the out come of who would be #1 at Christmas, in he music chart (UK) a while back. Wake up folk.
Non-Racist.org. “Where Everyone Is Equal”



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