Racism,Racist,Same Thing

Sitting at a keyboard and inellectualising(?),will not do a great deal to help change the System.Fair minded people,who i would hope are the majority of people,should be given the oppurtunity to express in a personal way,their feelings with regards Racism.The difference between Racist and Racism is by the by.It is the same thing,lack of Tolerence & Understanding, individual Parocial Inherent Racism is what must be tackled.
So many groups chipping away at a wall.All on a seperate mission. Their own one.Just like me.WE need to join together.What is penned next will give you an idea of what can be achieved,
just 900,000 Facebook users decided who would be No 1 in the British Music charts,because they did not want the x factor winner to have that spot. Hey,Hey !!!!!
Peace & Love

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