Get off Your Backside’s !!

My name is Jim Macdonald,59 years YOUNG and i live in Milton Keynes.

For quite some time i have tried to garner support, for this “Not for Profit”.org, approaching numerous, diverse bodies ,in the hope one of them would do something to help, Yeah Right !!Not one responded.
Create a Government with Transparency and INTEGRITY.
The many diverse minorities, will remain Minorities !!Joining together is the only way.
Corporate Politician’s wish to rule, our right’s are slowly being eroded. The  Human Race, as we know it, will soon be a thing of the past. The time has come to do something, or watch the Dissolution of the Human Race. Forget the rhetoric, nothing but spin. IN their Face’s, Yes or No, Name & Shame, do it proper, no prisoner’s. Peaceful Protest, Be Heard. Harsh ? Tell that to Third World Countries ,no water, no FOOD, War and Corruption everywhere. How about you send one of your children to spend a month living under those conditions ? !
How many African American folk do anything at all, to alleviate or help the desperate people who suffer, in way’s we can not comprehend, in Africa ?? Put your hands up and be counted. My thought on the African Americans is, they have been led astray. The concept, to me is, you have taken away your own National identity, for one that has no basis in reality. The country of birth must be the main priority. Cultural Identity is a good thing. Do not let it cloud your vision. We must be united in this  cause. Unless we come to term’s, with the here and now, we are all doomed. Technology has opened a door to a new way. Join together, we can be a voice that will demand THEY listen. As much as i admire the efforts of the bodies that campaign for, Human Rights, Greenpeace, Environmental, all of them. Taking too long, not enough progress. Join Together. We can create a Non-Racist society, a world. “WHERE EVERYONE IS EQUAL”.Teach the children, they are the future.

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