Barak Obama: THE DEMISE.

When first I heard that Mr Obama was to run for President, I was surprised. That surprise was due to the fact that,
He must be mad. Although it may seem the Ethnic Minorities are getting a Leg Up, or becoming the new flavour of the month. Nothing, unless we unite,(all of us) is going to change. The rich getting richer and the poor suffering even more indignities.
From the outset of his campaign, (where did the funds come from? The total cost?), my heart went out to him, the poor man. They have used him to get the “Health Care” sorted (more money for the Pharma Industries).
He appointed(Joe Biden did)Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary. Straight from The Federal Reserve Bank, New York. A Privately owned Bank. His task, To Bail Out more Private Banks with Billions  of Dollars. Paid for by, the TAX PAYING Public.
Talk about taking the P—.Why do we stand for IT ????

Joe Biden Vice President. I am sure I read somewhere that he is alleged to have made Racist comments.
If so, why is he Vice President, when Ethnic Minorities are the new flavour ? Being nearly 60 years YOUNG(?), I have followed current affairs all my adult life. Never, in all that time, can I recall a Vice President in SO many photo ops, with or without the President. Why is that I wonder ?

Mr President, I feel that they have used you. They have undermined you in every respect. As a Man,. Your Culture. Your Presidency. I do not wish to humiliate you with these words Sir. All I would say is, Watch Your Back. Good Luck.

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