As much as I agree with the protest’s about Fee’s,Tax and the way the “Big Society” should be heading,i most certainly do not approve of the tactics being deployed. Look at the Millbank situation.The Police presence was Low Key,to begin with.Once they had allowed the Agitators to gain entry,bosh,they were all over the place,using strong-arm tactics and Kettling.Why oh why do you allow your protests to be taken over by unsavoury characters,some of whom are not even Stupid Students.You people are the intelligentsia (????),our future hope.Get Real.Change can,and will happen.

On the next Protest,take your cameras,anyone wearing something to hide their identity,ask them to remove it.Get a friend to accompany you to do so, if you feel intimidated. Take a Photograph of them and the people around them.Any confrontations,take more photo’s.The violence and bad behaviour must end.Ghandi like is the only way.Dignified and Peaceful.

We should try to organise on a Worldwide scale.Start with our home countries.Lets Protest at:Hyde P/Piccadilly,Tottenham Ct Rd/Oxford Street and Marble Arch/Oxford St.See how they like THAT.Hit them where it is going to HURT.Sit Down Protest.No Bad mouthing the Police.They are only doing thier job !!!For thier Children and Grand children.That Ladies and Gentlemen of our Police is what you are leaving as your legacy.A Police State,run by people who will have no regard for your offspring.Get Real.

This Kettling malarky ?

This is the way that Society is heading.First at Protests.NOW it will be whole area’s.Look at the Housing Benefit changes.People being moved out of area’s that are wanted for business or the wealthy.Transport costs rising(keep them where they belong !).What Policy do they have to combat the Homelessness that is going to occur ?NONE.They dont give a toss,if you are not Productive,you are of no use.”Get back To Your Hovel”


They are here already.No more extra money.Look to the USA to see where we are heading

The real world problem/s,stem from Racism.If no Racism existed people would be more understanding,tolerent.If we fought under one Banner/Logo,on a Worldwide Scale,the “Powers That Be”would shit man.The whole world has succombed to the falasy of a worldwide credit crunch,please.The National (sounding)Banks are all privately owned.Try and find out who own’s the other 80% of the Bank of England ?So,Private banks are lending money to Governments to BAIL out Private Banks,which the tax payer is liable for.Good job if you can get it ?



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