The media frenzy with regards Wikileaks,Why ? A few faux pas by Diplomats and other Government departments.Big Deal,who gives a toss ?We are all aware of the mis/dis-information that we are bombarded with on a daily basis.No one done a thing when the first batch of documents were disclosed about the war.Now we see an International arrest warrant for Julian Assange !! Allegations of Rape.Did he do it ?I think there is a good chance of him being innocent.

It would appear to be a very fortuitous time for him to be villified.Is it,i wonder,anything to do with the fact that Wikileaks has over 5 gig of emails from Bank of America exceutives ????? Hey Hey Hey.

They must think we are all fucking stupid.One thing you know for sure;the Bankers are putting thier full weight behind this.Although we know the strokes they pull and how they go about creating DEBT,i am sure they dont actually want it read by all and sundry.

Someone has to publish,get it out.Start a petition to make sure Mr Assange gets fair treatment.The “Powers that Be” will show him no mercy.The message will be,”Dont F–k with us. Please,let Mr Assange have no medical problems !

The Swedish press must investigate the allegations of Rape.I have always considered Scandinavian countries to be open to freedom in most walks of life.Dont let a countryman be sold down the river for doing what is right.

Guilty or Not Guilty ? We must never permit the disclosure of wrongdoing to be taken away from us.

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