Stupid Students/2

Are you lot insane ? Talk about falling into their trap.Eyes wide shut springs to mind.You are giving Government everything they want,your actions leading to more civil liberties being eroded.Can you lot not understand ?The fee’s were going to be raised no matter what.No free lunch anymore,you pay or don’t play.

The only way to achieve a better life is to change the political system.How many times do i have to repeat myself,”Nothing significant can or will happen until we are under ONE banner,a banner for ALL.”Then we can start to DEMAND fair play for everyone.

The youngsters of today have no hope or belief in Government.How’s about you put your Stella and spliff aside for a few hours,then registrar to vote.Just sitting doing nothing,waiting for your chance to,hopefully,move up in the hierarchy of your particular group/gang.Is this how you want your younger siblings to behave ?Or would you rather they get a good education,in a system that promotes tolerance and advancement for hard work.Not because you know someone who will get you an in.

Anyway folks,hope your day is filled with joy and love,as it should everyday.Do not blame Immigrants,put the blame squarely where it belongs,GOVERNMENT.And dont tell me it is wrong to allow people to come here.I did not see any English people running to pick the food for OUR table,doing backbreaking work.

Any Racist out there fancy a fortnight in a village in Africa with me ? I have never been,just seen the same as most of us,pictures,videos and corruption.Back to the question,any Racist fancy a fortnight ? Bring your kids.Then,you will see first hand why people are desperate to get here.You would be doing exactly the same thing as them.Just because of Geo/Political differences,people should not be treated as second class citizens.We are all the SAME.

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