Oh deary me,how could we let our future(?) monarch be subjigated to such horror.To be confronted by disgruntled subjects,who were and are looking to keep an education system from collapsing.

What a load of crap they have tried to pull.So the police did not know that the Royal couple were going to the theatre and what route they had planned to travel.I believe the whole thing was a staged event by the police,just like all the other protests lately.Get the story out with the slant they require.They are all in the swindle together,all part of the ruling establishment.Tossers

How would Princess Diana have dealt with it ?She would have got out of the car to talk to people and to see what help she might provide.So,young William,either shit or get off the pot.Your choice son.Follow your Mums example,or join with the greedy bastards of your so called class.

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