This is the type of Party that should be running every Government.A Party that is only concerned with the well-being of the Human Race.Not a Party that considers any Minority above anyone else.In the greater scheme of things we are all Minorities.The Political system MUST be changed to make any headway.

The kind of leaders we want and need should be caring people.People like these poor young  carer’s,who spend all their time taking care of,whoever.Why are we still putting up with corruption in our Political system.Being my age,59,I am starting to feel ashamed of myself.Ashamed for not trying to achieve something like this till this time of my life.Most of us have children and Grand children,are we to die, not having resolved this issue for them ? Shame on us.It is not to late you know.After all these years,we,our age group,can rectify the situation.

Racism is the problem.We know nothing has changed in regards to Racism.The DEVIDE & RULE policy is still going strong.Wake the F–k up,US, our age group.If we start to do,what is right,right for all Human Kind,it will grow organically.The young people of today are not fools,their awareness of what is happening on the world stage,is greater than our’s was at that age.They will see the benefit of creating a new system.

If anyone wishes to discuss this please feel free to contact at,heading.Think about it.We still have time.

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