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As a young child i had no interest with school,once i had been told,i knew.Sitting in a classroom was really boring.Repetition.Catholic school,taught by cruel Nuns.I started playing truant.The school then started to lock the gate.For me,to keep me in school.This was the fifties and corporal punishment was the order of the day.Didn’t stop me,i started to go through the Convent(unheard of in those days).So,what did they do,the fifties establishment ? Easy, they put me into a childrens home ???Because they were unable to stimulate me,or could not be bothered.They took me from a family home and started to put me through the system.I was not playing their game.Just kept absconding from,where ever they put me.They would let me go home and back to school and i would not go to school.I was always near the top of the class at exam times,it would drive the teachers mad.Because my point was a valid one which they could not argue with.Remember,this was Catholicism of the fifties.If you did not attend church on Sunday,you were given the Cane on Monday.Happy days.They did not take kindly to moi.Sister Collette,who caned me everyday for some reason or another and professed to my Mum,”we dont have a cane”!!!,I pointed to the cupboard and told my Mum it was in there.Needless to say,Sister Collette was a bit less violent towards me after a few home truths about it from my Mum.Sister Collette was always saying that “she did not believe i was from the same family”,my elder Sister and Brother also attended,studious,high in class also.

The point being;I understand what the fifties establishment did to me,keeping me in and out of homes until i was fifteen.They really had had enough of me and my absconding.The Home Office sent a letter to Stamford House,a secure childrens unit.I spent six months in,a closed unit in this secure unit.The letter said,”If you go to this next,open childrens home and remain there for 3 months,we will let you go completely.Honestly,that is what the letter said.If Mr Allcock(stamford house)is still alive he would confirm it.He told me it was the very first time he had seen such a letter.I didn’t stay at the childrens home.The Headmaster knew of and was not happy with the terms the Home Office had put in place.Even more pissed off that I KNEW,tosser.He detested me,i just grinned and raised my eyebrows at him.Then one day he told me to,get a haircut,i looked at him, said Bye, walked off and out of the gate.

Now days i attach no blame to any of that.I have known for years that,”I am responsible for my thoughts,feelings,actions and consequences”.(anon)The blame i attach today is towards myself.Recently i have been proposing ideas to Corporate bodies,so others get the chance to benefit.Vodafone & Fifa.No more swapping of shirts,by the players at the end of matches.Raffle them by text,let supporters have a go at owning one.£1-50per text,50p Fifa,50p Vodafone,50p Grass roots.World Cup,Champions League,and all the other Cups and competitions.Vodafone at least had the courtesy to engage,”we already do something like that”, i must have been asleep ?Fifa never replied.DVLA.A prepayment card for taxing your car,let people pay as and when they can,less of a burden.Plus, incorporation of driving licence.Never heard anything for a few months,decided to enquire as to what,if anything had happened to this idea.Reply from DVLA,we already had this under consideration !! Why not have told me that at the outset ??Makes you wonder. If the replies i received are any thing to go by,what real chance do we have ?Whether they are truthful or otherwise is beside the point.It is all about profit,not people.The replies are exactly what a solicitor told me they would be.

My litle ole fingers have been well busy this morning.The only answer is to change things,political change,before it is really to late.If we join together we can start the change.Put PEOPLE first in all things.Help each other instead of, hating for no valid reason.

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