How,i wonder, are the Government going to let Bankers get their Bonus without it looking like they have received the normal,over the top payments that they are awarded for incompetence ?

They print our money,they then lend our money to Government to bail out PRIVATE banks.We are charged,by the Banks for the printing of OUR money.We are charged for the privalige(through taxation)of borrowing OUR money.They lend OUR money,by way of Government,to other Banks.These Banks can then resume the unfair practices that put us in crisis.We have got to be crazy to allow this to carry on,for carry on it will.The consequences of their actions,we are all aware,is just another road on the Boom & Bust culture,that is their mainstay.They have nicked the pension fund money for years,through corporate skullduggery.

The,illusion of a crisis is all they need.Can anyone answer me this ?Were the royal mint on double shift to cope with the printing of OUR money,when the bailout begun ?Did loads of lorries turn up to transport the money ?Is anyone aware of where it was stored ?Did Northern Rock,RBS and Lloyd’s,suddenly  have a massive transfer of Billions into their accounts ?If not,Where Is It ?I think we should be told.Anyone at the royal mint care to answer ? I may be a bit thick at times,but would really like to know.

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