Illusion Within Illusion

Good Morning & welcome to my World.

A world, that I wish, had no truck with Racism of any kind.Think about that you intellectual,un-thoughtful, pseudo guardians of all things.Get Real.

Coalition,don’t make me laugh.Lib dem morons,anything for a bite of the cherry.You have now consigned your party to the,proper fringe of politics.You never had much chance to become a main contender on the Political scene.Now it is Zero chance.If you think the people are going to vote for you in the next election,think on.You have shown yourself to be as corrupt as the other two.Vince Cable was right to declare war on Rupert(i want to control the world media)Murdock.The thing that keeps me smiling though is,he is near to kicking the bucket.You can bet your life,Death is something he is trying HARD not to succumb to.He knows that once he is gone,his Son and other News International executive’s,are going to lose the Group to one of the MAJOR corporation’s.(Chinese ?)So lets see if the Tory Party allows him to buy the BBC.(for a pittance)Or do they have someone else in mind ??If i remember correctly,Mr Murdock was the first visitor to Downing St,after David Cameron became Prime Leader!!Tosser.So Media is not influential in Politics ??????What about the meeting on the yacht,George Osborne,(Conservative)Peter Mandelson(Labour)A Russian oligarch(owner of yacht)AND one of the Rothschild’s(BANKING).Please explain that little turn out ?Not a conspiracy of any kind.They might have been discussing humanitarian issue’s for all i know !!Don’t know if it is of any relevance to the heading of this Blog ?Just thought I’d throw it in.

Whether the Weather ?

The issue with climate change.From the 60s they have been trying to control the weather.We know they have been successful in the creation of rain.Look back to Chernobyl.The Russian Government created rain to fall on the Radioactive cloud,heading towards Moscow,making the cloud disperse and the rainfall drop in another location,FACT. What is going on now ?How far have they progressed,would they tell us ?Is the removal of oil,gas,minerals and whatever else the Greedy,unscrupulous Corporations and Bankers,are taking from our Natural Eco system,effecting climate change ?The Harsh winters we are suffering,in the UK.They are bleeding ordinary people in every other aspect of our daily life.Nothing would surprise me with their need for Greed.Their need to for Power.A One World Order,of THEIR making.

Back To Basic’s

Hate has never worked,yet here we are a millennium on,and another Holy Crusade is being fought.Please,Get Real.Unless we join together,under ONE banner we are going nowhere.The saddest part is,we are wishing this FAILED system,on our Children and Grand children.Good of us !

A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year.Lets hope the new year brings more joy and understanding

May your God walk with you.

Bye xx


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