Cable Fable

Here we go again !Vince cable is now trying to ring it,trying to swiffle.He is accusing the reporters of undermining the constituents of  Twickenham.Is he having a fucking laugh ?The people who voted for him,did not vote for a coalition.They voted for the manifesto that the Lib Dem proposed.He got in on that.Now they have gone back on everything in that manifesto.If you think that any politician speaks the truth;Think On.All he was doing,when he spoke out about Mr Murdock,was trying to impress the people he thought were constituents.Impress them with his ire, at what the Tories are doing.Would he have spoken openly to reporters about his misgivings ?Is that any different from not informing his constituents.At the very least,he must be a liar by omission.

People today are misled,lied to,told what they can and can not do.By the guardians of our freedom.We still follow a FAILED system of government.A corrupt political system,fed by greed.Greed,for money,for power,for fame on a personal level.Everything MUST be open and above board.The truth.Unless we do something urgently,together, to change this,the truth wont be setting us free.Thier truth will only tighten the chains around us.They will openly be saying,”F–k you,accept it or face the consequences”.Just as they are doing to Julian Assange right now.

Who ?

As in all financial crime the mantra is,Follow the Money.The crime’s perpetrated on the Human Race are no different.In all aspects of our life,Who gains the most ?When you think you have come to your conclusion,about who gains the most,THINK on.


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