For some time the adverts on daytime/evening television have been changing,from Injury Lawyers to Charitable Institutions.Why is this ?Is it the intention of government to be more philantrophy aware ?Yeah Right.The only reason i can visualise is,A. to change the Tax system,with regards charitable donations,B.To enable government to appear more concerned,whilst still backing despots and dictators, for corporate reasons.

Our National charitable donations to Africa have increased this year.Is this because of how China is now RAPING the continent and we don’t want to be left behind ?These donations(National)do not do anything to enhance the infrastructure of any given nation.They are purely for commercial profit.The details can be found at this publication. You will have to purchase it, but it is worth the price.It is the ONLY news i read.If you are concerned or want the true picture.I bring this to your attention for no other reason than,after reading this magazine in the early days of it’s inception.I have found it to be the best for exposing wrong doing,in all walks of life.

What for charities,NOW ?

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