Are the people of NI being duped ?To be honest I had no idea that it(NIWater)was not a private utilities company.How much money is it going to receive from government?when is it to be sold ?

Conversation:A friend and I were talking, two years ago,about water.I expressed the opinion that,”we will all be paying through the nose for water soon”He replied,We don’t really pay for water, it is a natural resource,we just pay for the intfrastructure.I then explained,it is just another example of government and their corporate puppet masters,to control us and therefore increase profit.The same as they are doing with GM food.Woe is us,if we do not stop this complete takeover.In the 80s I was saying about genetic profiling,at birth,chipping people.starting with paedophile’s,Criminal’s,Terrorists?Control in every department of our life.

To many NGO’s,Human Right’s,and other worthy cause’s.Unite,on a personal level.One banner,”Where Everyone Is Equal”.Please take a minute to think about the realities of such a place.Deep down,People are Good.

A brain like mine is always leading me on to other subjects.Writing what i think at that time. Peace.

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