Arlington ?

Just wondering if the murder of John Wheeler has anything to do with  Arlington cemetery ?Anyone know who it was that, was NOT in the  grave ?It show’s how much respect they DONT treat the courageous men and women,who fight their battle’s for them, with.I most certainly do not approve of war of any kind but I hate the despots and dictators,who pander to Corporate greed.They are the one’s who have to be stopped.How to it without to many innocent people dying ?My suggestion:Let it be known to them and their henchmen,WE are coming for you,if you are with the dictator at that time,unlucky for you.We dont need war to do this,just Intel,Special Forces and smart bombs.You can bet your life that people would think twice,if this were the norm.You may think this a drastic move,but think of all the people who have to live under that type of regime.I tell you,they would not consider it DRASTIC.

Something must be done to change this failed system of government.

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