Obama & Bankers

Another banker  joins the ranks of the Obama administration ?Oh my, oh my, Mr Obanker.Keep on selling people down the river mate.It is the only way you will be getting the same benefits as Tony(no backbone)Blair once you leave office.Will it be you they use to enhance Racism by stealth. Are you to become a Multi-Millionaire,as he has done.His wife,allegedly,putting copies of his book on ebay.Would Mrs Obama like to join me in the creation of a Nonracist world “Where Everyone Is Equal” ? You are a puppet of Bankers.Poor you.Where is your integrity ?Poor,Poor show.Is Biden getting up your nose ?? Hee,Hee.GOOD.Do you sleep well at night ?How you continue with the charade,of being a people person,is beyond my ken.Another bloody President who is doing what,”The Real Powers That Be”want.i.e.Bankers.SHAME ON YOU.History will not show you in a good light

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