It has not taken BP  long to recover from being a worldwide eco disaster,to a new era of growth and profit ??Last year,apparently,it looked like they were a spent force in the corporate world.Media had a few months of,BP bashing,now nothing.From what i can gather,in the press,they are once again,Storming Ahead.They have fingers in so many pies and keep going from strength,to strength.I read??that BP are going to buy Shell??????????????Once again it is all part of the plan by the Powers That Be,to have control from one area.Society is breaking down by playing their game,exactly what they want.Wtf are we playing for ?This is madness on our part.Sometimes I despair of my fellow human beings.But not for long,we are all the same,we are all at fault.Being aware that it is going on(bankers trickery)is not the answer to solving it,we MUST join together.How would it work ?I don’t know,but we should give it a go.Deep down,People are Good.Join together and let us prove it.

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