Healthy ?

Hospitals:Looks like people are once again losing out to Private health care.Some hospitals will close.Not any in the private sector,i bet.Not any in Kensington & Chelsea,Cotswolds and other affluent area’s.The ones that are in Inner City area’s are the ones who will suffer the most.Either complete closure or waiting times increased,because of staff shortage’s(not management numbers though).Now I read that Herbal remedies are under the spotlight,the need to licence them ?Talk about being under the Pharmacological corporate rule.They have to have a licence for the drugs they put on the market.The difference is,Thalidomide ??That had a licence.How many people were affected by that little licence ?At least with Herbal,its downside is restricted,in the number of people it will affect.I went to my Doctors the other day,a good doctor in my my arthritis is getting worse(good this getting old lark lol).He said,I can give you, (I don’t remember the name of the drug),but it can cause,Ulcers and Damage your Liver.So,do I go with the licensed Pharma remedy or search for a herbal remedy ?It is clearly NOT the Pharma one I would choose.

This is just another ploy by Corporation’s,through their power over government,to do away with choice in the health sector, a take it or leave it option.

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