AGAIN,yes once again,the Banking, and Political representation of them,are making headlines,Ireland.Many people are unhappy at what they see as collusion between serving politicians and bankers.A secret ballot? on a vote of no confidence,with regard the Taoiseach.A SECRET ballot,a bloody secret one.Talk about government being open,NOT.

Anyone with half a brain understands that all politicians are led by bankers,if they don’t conform,to the banking sector rules,rules that are changed on a whim,to suit whatever there plan is,they will not last long in the political world.We know this and yet,we still allow them to undermine us.A New Approach is the answer.An approach that will be beneficial to the PEOPLE,not to bankers and their henchman(politicians).I encourage all people,every where,to stand up and be counted when your next election is due.Do not vote for the main parties.Look at how far we have NOT got,in doing the same,useless,outdated thing in the political arena.put a stop to it.If we carry on doing the same as always,woe is us.More upsetting is,what a legacy we are leaving our children and grand-children.It will be too late,if we do not make a start by changing things,NOW.

We have to find harmony in society.Everybody has to go back to basic’s.Whilst the policy of Divide & Rule,a policy foisted upon us for centuries,by the powers that be(bankers)is still in place,they will keep on doing the same old,same old.We are all born,HUMAN BEING’S,innocent of all hatred,until people,in one form or another,start the parochial inherent belief system up.We are all the same,we all want the same things as human beings.

Sorry if I go off on tangents,but sometimes I get carried away(understatement??).Please,do me a favour,it wont cost you anything.When you are on your own,think about what is FAIR,as a Human Being.If everyone,instead of fighting each other,joined together?well I think that would speak for itself.Listen to your inner most consinence.Find the strength to engage,in your own small way.May Your God Walk With You


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