Leeds v Arsenal

I was watching on tv last night and an incident of play jumped up and hit me.Time after time we see replays of,fouls,handballs,dessent sending off’s.The media take delight in highlighting these events and adding more controversy.The one thing that stood out for me is,the sportsman like gesture of the Arsenal striker Chamakh(i think)towards the Leeds goalkeeper after he had made a magnificent save from his header,which looked a certain goal.NOT ONE replay of it in the match.What is that all about ?The sensationalist driven media(worldwide)are not concerned with harmony only controversy.This was one of the nicest professional compliments i have seen for sometime.Football is a sport,it should not be a DEBT ridden corporate entity.The clubs are really owned by banks.They control the funding,interest payments and such like.I hope they show on Football Focus(the sportsman like gesture)so that the kids will see it.Or are the politically controlled BBC going to just not bother ?Stop the Media(corporate owned,mostly) in their quest to create a world of mis-information and conflict.Enough of their greed and lust for more power.


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