Viktor Bout

Talk about double standards.

It is ok for governments and large corporations to sell ARMS to anyone they choose,dictators,insurgents of one kind or anothe.Anyone who can pay or provide a mutually agreed benefit package,for government or the corporate world..They break embargo’s in devious ways.I do not agree with the prominence that is attached to this industry,by government.Any right minded political party should be doing all that they can to stop this EVIL trade.To get back to the point:how can they then punish someone for doing exactly what they do ??Because he was,no doubt,too successful at it.They most certainly do not want an”upstart”trying to get a foothold in one of(#1?)of the most profitable industries known to man.

So to any jury member,Think about the true reasons behind this  unlawful trial.Fair is Fair.Dont always let them win.I Hate War.It has not served Human Kind in any lasting way.We all know it has not and will not work.Why persist ?Profit,profit,profit.These warmongers could not give a toss.Profit for corporations and more importantly,PROFIT for the bank/ers who lend them the money.Or by government in their defence budgets,which they borrow from banks to sustain the economy??? Please,oh please ?How much longer is it going to take US to do SOMETHING ?Peaceful protest only.Ghandi like.The system needs to change NOW before it is to late.

Forget about the force-fed media driven mis-information,the bankers own the media.Forget about the hate and racial tension they create.We all have a conscience,we are,deep down,GOOD.Let us start showing each other the good within us all. Peace


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