Plants & Bees/GM & Sneeze

It wont be long now till the Bee population is wiped out.It’s decine has been staggeringly quick and is now close to extinction.No real answer’s as to why.Pesticide of some description,intended or otherwise ?The one thing I do suspect will happen is,GM food is going to become the leader in the cultivation of food stuff’s.No more mass vaccine problem,in your food son,in your food.The applications are mindboggling.Dont leave this shit system to our offspring.BABY-BOOMERS,us we,should start again.A New Era,we have done it once before, Peaceful People Power,is still the order of the day.We have had the good time’s,bad time’s and every other time’s.This is the RIGHT TIME for us to heard once again.We need to STOP being selfish.We need to engage on a personal level.

CORRUPT SYSTEM that only brings pain,unless you are part of the system.(Off on a tangent,is it true that the member of the house of gourde’s,found guilty of claiming money when he shouldn’t,is keeping his seat in the gourdes ??If so,Gis A Job)


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