Fooling The Fools

Morning all.I keep on reading about the coming marches,protests and all the other idea’s,in showing displeasure to current cuts and price increase’s we face.

ARE YOU FOOLISH ?Yes you are.What good will it achieve for everyday people ?For as long as I can remember we have been protesting against one thing or another.Things we feel are,just,fair and wish to bring change to.For how much longer are YOU going to keep on suffering ?They steal pensions,savings and tax us to the nth degree,we moan,we protest,which encourage’s agitators to bring chaos to the protest,and get no where.They have always got a reason why we have to suffer this.

UNIONS.If so many of their leaders go into politics or the corporate world,when they retire,how much do they represent their members to the fullest extent,could some be ringers ?Do some have ambitions to use it as a career path ?It would seem that today,they are just a cost to the members.They go off on jaunts,they build and refurb,to a corporate standard ?You are wasting your membership due’s on leaders that get nothing of real value(or so it would appear)for your loyalty,such a waste.

Protest, March,Demonstrate.Why even bother idiots ?All you are doing is allowing, the powers that be,to bring in more unjust laws in curtailing our freedoms.Then ,at the next election,you are going to vote the same people,the same system,into power once again.To start whatever the bankers tell them to start.It will not be beneficial to the people,Oh no,only to corporate and political sycophants of the banks.

So it is a choice we must make.Do we keep on protesting,thus eroding our civil liberties,or do we start on a New Approach ?An approach that will achieve harmony.Harmony for all people.We are all HUMAN BEINGS and should be doing everything to bring that concept to the fore.WE ARE ALL THE SAME.The “Divide & Rule policy(Racial Hatred)of the powers that be is only sustainable because,many buy into this archaic bullshit.

A NEW SYSTEM.That is what is needed.A system for the people,of the people.Stop selling future generation’s down the river,leave that to the unjust people.You can be sure that they will carry on !Do not vote for the slimy,lying career orientated toe-rags,that we have been putting in power.Change now.



Peace & Joy to all

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