Multiculturalism Failed ?

What a load of tosh.Multiculturalism is alive on a worldwide basis and will remain so.It is the lie of government worldwide.First Ms Merkal in Germany,now Cameron.His speech from Munich in Germany(funny coincidence??).The policy of governments has failed,as they knew it would,in Multicultural advancement.They have been using this same old ploy for centuries.How much longer are we going to allow corruption by politicians ?They are taking away our civil liberties at an alarming rate.Not only England, this is worldwide.How far, for how much longer, do we allow the corporate world into every aspect of our daily life ? Controlling it all,from birth,till death.PLEASE ?


Multiculturalism must never be considered a failure.The only way for it prosper is for people to come together, as one.It will not be by government and their backers.They thrive on the status quo and will keep on putting forward, plan after plan,that will not work.Doing all that they can to make sure it remains as it is.A HOT POTATOE.Look at the state of the world right now.All the big corporations and companies,are showing profit,the FSTE is nearly back to what it was.Everything has,is going up ?? WTF is that all about,when the everyday person is facing cut after cut ?Bringing Multiculturalism to the fore,AGAIN,it detracts from concentrating,on the real problem,GREED and POWER.


Now we’re talking.Every government is in DEBT.Every corporation is in DEBT.Look at Manchester Untied Football Club.The Glazers own it ?Wrong,it is the people who they are in DEBT to,that really own it.Glazer is just the figure-head,who know’s the right people to borrow from.This will last as long as he play’s the game,THEIR GAME.Do it our way or ?Bye.

Let us not kid ourselves’,the Multiculturalism of the world is taking place and we should be rejoicing in that fact.We should NOT let the greed of the few dictate how we behave towards each other.Our own conscience,our humanity is the correct way to proceed.If we carry on as we always have done,listening to the corrupt,”The End Is Nigh”.People,deep down,ARE good.The Media is ridden with corruption,the news,is it news or mis/dis-information ?


Here we go.If you have half brain,it dont take no working out,at all,to see who really controls the world.Banking(skanking,more like)is the culprit.No !??Oh yes,they are.(getting fed up,casting pearls comes to mind)Listen,all you liberal do-gooders,your input is appreciated,in the main a waste of time though.Harsh ?We need to change the system.Voting for the same corrupt politicians,who are all in the swindle together with bankers,is stupidity gone stupid.The way to go is,creating a world “Where Everyone Is Equal”.That would well and truly put an end to the policy,so long used by the Powers That Be,of Divide & Rule.So,please take no notice of any speech that,the exPR man,David(welcome Mr Murdoch)Cameron might give.He is a POLITICIAN you know ?


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