Big Society Con

David Cameron is at it again with his Big Society nonsense.One week he is saying,multiculturalism has failed and yet he carries on with this BS.The only reason for the big society Media push is,he wants to get more money headed towards the Private Sector,all to be obtained from the drastic cuts that are being made.The Third Sector is being HIT hard,funding cuts all over the place.I joined the voluntary world early last year.At 60 years of age, I, felt I needed to do something.The cuts are to allow the work to be carried out,”for profit”.When are people going to wake up to the fact that we need a New System of government.Voting for any of the political parties that are in place,is to carry on having our RIGHTS taken away,with no type of choice at all.Thay are all in the swindle together.Wake up.I have not got a clue about how to achieve a New System,I just know that if we stay on this course,we are DOOMED as a society.This has to be a worldwide approach.lokk at the Middle East right now.Let us see if the protest’s taking place will have REAL benefit for the people.Or this another example of, a two-minute wonder ?I sincerely hope it is a change for the better,a more agreeable form of goverment.One that encourage’s,freedom of speech,education for all,a trickle down that will be visual.I wont be holding my breath though.


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