Middle East

All the protesting for change is a good thing.People have the right to be free of tyranny and the unjust  practise of these despotic rulers.What though,I ask myself,will be the outcome ?Who,How,will replace them? The thing I fear is,due to the lack of education,both Political and Academic,(not their fault)that it will falter and then return,fully,to a Tribal system of government.That is going to cause so much unrest,which “The Powers That Be”,have orchestrated,to continue their policy of Divide & Rule.The fragmentation of Society,Communities,Unions,EVERYTHING, is what they want to achieve.A One World Order,with them being the ORDER.Their order consists of War and Mayhem.The profits from War are what has sustained them.Are we STUPID or just to lazy to care ?I for one can see their plan.Can you ?


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