Public To Private

After labour(by stealth)started the transfer of public service’s to the private sector,david(pr man)cameron is now openly talking about it as being the way to go.Just wait and see what occur’s now.Once they put council housing into the private sector,if you have bought a property,on an estate,from the council,you are going to be in trouble.The value of your home will plummet,you will have to pay higher costs(as private owners)for service’s.You will still have to pay the FULL mortgage.

It seems to me that the corporations who are already in partnership with councils,are able to earn a profit out of it,as well as any sub-contractor they employ and any sub-sub-contractor,yet the council is in debt ?Strange ?Not really.All politicians work together as individuals or on a party basis,they have to.If they do not,the “Powers That Be”the real power behind EVERY political move,would be UNHAPPY.We dont want that,do we ????Look at the Middle East,nothing will change,except the price of oil.Is this all a move to try to bring China to heel ?


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