Flippin Eck,Come On Now

Dont you think it is time to stop this political facade that we all live under.The Private banking sector has put us in this position,through conspiracy and underhand dealings(Goldman sachs).The governments of today,worldwide, are part of the conspiracy.
We have borrowed from private banks(BoE)who have charged us for the printing,3% I believe,then charge interest on the loans.Why ?To bail out more private banks.Talk a about a F—–g liberty(Nan).All the cuts,council’s transferring jobs to the private sector.
david bullshit cameron,a multi millionaire,him and his big society,tosser.

We,us together,is the only way to bring this shockingly,unjust system,to it’s knees.If enough people JOIN TOGETHER,regardless of Race,Religion,Politics,as one voice,they would sit up and take notice.Make no mistake about the power of the People.
Everybody is blaming one thing or another,Race,Immigration,Islam,or whatever.Are you not using your brain ?Who benefits from all the Mis/Dis-information that the sensationalalising(is that a word)Media of today puts out ?They are all owned by Major corporations and those in turn,are owned by private banks,through debt.getting the picture ?Forget about blaming immigration and start laying it where it belongs.How long has this subject,immigration,been a hot topic ?For as long as i can remember,that’s for sure.Can you not see how these unscrupulous greedy “Powers That be”are controlling us with falsehoods.This is to ensure there is ALWAYS the,blame game,to use at any given time,lets notch it up a bit is the way they do it.
These time dictate that the needs of People must be put first. The Banking and corporate sector are not going to help,only exploit us again and again.If we do nothing,we condemn our children and grandchildren.lovely legacy to leave them ? I dont think so !!This is the way to go,JOIN TOGETHER.
I may not have the penmanship to get across to you.Deep Down,people are good.If we give this the time to flourish,but not to long,we will be successful.
Protesting the same old way is USELESS,they expect it.They are laughing at us.
What do I know ?I have no IT knowledge,so am unable to advance this not for profit venture online,no funds,just me.What I do know though is,the way i want to cry,when I see nasty people do nasty things,to other Human Beings,when i see famine,when I wonder where all the aid has gone,through corruption,when I see how far corporations are in the education system.Soldiers as teachers,creating future fighters.Please,Please,dont sit back and take it.We can achieve,I honestly believe that.JOIN TOGETHER.May Peace and your God walk with you

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