NI Water

As I said a few weeks ago the about this subject,they are putting price’s UP and I wonder who will be buying the company.Are we to see any “conflict of interest”or other such political manoeuvring,so that the whole thing is a done deal already.Do not kid yourself,this is the start of extracting more of your hard-earned PITTANCE.Greed,Greed,GREED is the message still being sent out and we need to do something about it.Stop blaming,do something concrete instead.They distract us with a load of crap,Middle East(OIL),Afghanistan(Heroin & Minerals),Iraq(OIL),(you will notice that all these things generate HUGE profit)and any thing else they tell THEIR Media outlets to,state in print.Wake up.Forget about blaming fellow Human Beings,start laying the blame where it belongs and maybe,just maybe,we can then start to create a better world.A world “Where Everyone Is Equal”that would really FUCK them.Sorry about the swearing,my friend encouraged me to stop swearing on this Blog.He told me, it is not how I would normally express myself,so I stopped.We can FUCK them.More to the point,they deserve it.They deserve to be FUCKED in every way we can think of.No more swearing.Lol,Have a wonderful week.May your God walk with you.


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