Still,Illusion In Illusion

Prince Andrew.Not a bit surprised at the latest reports of murky dealing’s by this member of the royal family.It was alleged some years ago that he had benefited from the transfer of his house from crown estates to himself or others acting on his behalf.It is alleged that the royal family are part of the private shareholders that own 80% of the Bank of England.The bank that lent government BILLIONS of pounds to bail out other private banks and share in the interest that was charged,by the Bank of England,a PRIVATE bank.Why are the names of these private shareholders not subject to any form of disclosure ?Exempt from FOIA ? Please.

£775 million for Research.Will benefit the NHS ?Right !I bet you it is all going to the PRIVATE sector.Who will then charge the NHS for the privilege of using,what the Tax payer has funded.

LIBYA.What a fiasco.Caught “bang to rights”,laughable if it were not so tragic.The aim no doubt,was to secure the oil rights or some such.This it what we are allowing to go on.Not a jot of care about the poor people.Late and only started when the Media got on it,getting people out of Libya.Tossers.

CHARITIES ?I notice that charitable organisations are at the forefront,in the Media this year.This looks to me like the opening gambit,by governments,to get more control of the Third Sector.As if they would ????

HSBC.They are not an English bank anymore.So what if they move ?People should remember that bankers RULE,not governments,IDIOTS.Mervyn King is governor of a PRIVATE bank.He is a banker.Do not believe all that he utters.He is in charge of a profit-making enterprise.

LUNG CANCER.Women and lung cancer ?Bloody tosser’s in government.BAN them or shut up.By now,everyone who smokes is aware of the danger.We pay more Tax than anyone else for this privilege,apart from the motorist(don’t get me started)So,Piss Off.

Carbon Tax ??Another ploy to channel money to the Private sector ??No one knows much about this subject.One thing is for sure though,NO discernible reduction ?Is their ??

What are we to do ?If nothing is done soon,to benefit us,Human Beings.We might as well throw in the towel.The “Powers that be”are centralising,whilst they fragment society.”Divide & Rule”you soppy lot.It has been their ACE in the hole, for hundreds of years.This is the main area of contention.Human technology has advanced at a pace.Human understanding and tolerance are still in the Dark Age’s ?We can do better at this.We must do better.We are all the same,apart from Geo/Political,HUMAN BEINGS.We are in this together.


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