As I sit and contemplate,my thoughts visit the parts of the world where Human Beings are treated like cattle.Third world countries in particular.African and Asian countries.We allow the poverty,hunger, inhumane and unjust treatment of fellow Humans.We do nothing ?Sometimes i wonder about visiting Africa or Asia to see for myself,what is really going on.To try and gain a better insight.The time has come to do,SOMETHING.This is the 21st century,helping each other is the way to go.We must make the effort to understand each other.Be tolerant and we will be successful.

Why do we not show as much attention,as individuals or nations,to this cruel system of goverment.All the lying, hypocritical politicians are on Libya and how best to steal the wealth of that country,OIL.They were up his arse, not so long ago!Didn’t give a toss about the people then,now they are screaming about it.Tossers.This,in my view,is ochestrated.The Middle East has LONG been their preferred theatre of unrest.Enabling them to create the ILLUSION of a compassionate,(we know different)caring government.Bollocks.

Compassion,don’t make me laugh.Politicans,worldwide are corrupt,self-serving,LOW LIFE sneaky bastards.Get shot of them.Do not vote for the USUAL suspects,tory,labour,lib(no BACKBONE)dem.The lib/dem joining a coalition with the elitist tories,shows exactly what they are all about.A Bit Of Power !!They have shot themselves’ in the foot.I hope.


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