Liberals Leftist’s Rightwing

Are you all Stupid ?Who give’s a —- what political persuasion you are leaning towards ?Do you think people in Japan are thinking of whom to vote for ?Why,when we know the likely area’s of earthquake occurences,has the UN(corporation)not seen fit to set up,Regional Hubs,of all that is likely to be required to react QUICKLY to any such event.National governments should be encouraging this.Staffed by volunteers,paid for by government.Why no plan along these lines ?The International aspect of such,would i am sure,bring a better  understanding and response to these tragic events.

NOW the world is falling apart.Society and it’s value’s are being distorted at a rate,never before witnessed.The people are actually bringing it about themself.Ironic or what ?We all know about the corrupt political system that is enslaving us,more and more.We moan about it constantly,how unjust it is.Get up off your lazy arse’s and do something,anything.Small or large, contribute.People come first.HUMAN BEINGS.All Human Beings.We are all the same.If we could stop hating for a moment, on an unfounded hatred.Inherent behaviour.While we allow them to keep this policy alive and kicking,we move,NOWHERE.A bone,every now and then,seems to satisfy ?PLEASE, PLEASE


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