Saudi & Bahrain

The new name for these countries should be,Saudithemout & Bahrefrainfromreporting.The reporting from these countries has not been given the same exposure as other Middle Eastern countries.Why ?Could it be that;They need to be protected as they are part of the of the swindle ? The swindle that has actually created the climate of unrest that is happening in this region !The greed,the total disregard for Human Beings.It is blatantly obvious.They want the OIL.It is putting enormous pressure on Iranian people to do the same as the other states in the area.Can you not see what is happening ?Are you blind ?The open,devil-may-care attitude,of the “Powers That Be”.They are no longer trying to hide things,”Just Do It”is the new Mantra.We have let them get away with,The Wanking crisis(for that is what is happening to us)has frightened the life out of ordinary folk.They fear any kind of trouble that may impact on their financial well being.Let me tell you now,forget your fear,it is all ochestrated.The “Powers That Be”are getting richer.Richer,not only in the monetary sense,but richer in power.The main objective is,Complete Control.They want the whole world to bow to their will.Unless we do something to stop it.If we do nothing,every where will be rendered,Third World.think on that folks,it is closer than one imagine’s.I implore the Police,Armed Force’s and all right-minded people,help in this fight,for a fight is what it is.A fight for the freedoms we once took for granted,free speech,protests.The right to be CONSIDERED.Humanity needs to show,people are what matters.Not religion,not politics.The love towards and for our Brother Human Beings.Your God will not leave you for doing what is right,what he has taught you to do.If we put each other first,as most God’s teach(love your neighbour)we will overcome.Using your God otherwise is, counter productive.That is what I believe.We all want the same thing,we all have the same fears.We wish for Peace,Understanding(an understanding of why).We wish for a beneficial future for our offspring,one that is harmonious.DONT WE ?If you feel the same,DO IT,stop letting them toss us off.Peace & Love.


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