Southern Cross Care Homes

I have been following this story, this publication,if you dare ?Poor,poor show by the watchdog(hand in glove ?NO,they wouldn’t)

National Association of Hospice’s

No,there isn’t one.Why not ?Someone will nick this idea now,shame on you.The Hospice industry,is one of the most respected.Their care is well-known,locally and Nationally.My thoughts on this.Let them be the Watchdogs of the NHS.The Multi-Million pound care budget.Let them work in concert with GPs.The government is being underhand(as always)in saying GPs will control the health Budget,or some such bollocks(i love that word,lol).They will have NO real say,unless they toe the corporate line.This is wholesale privatisation of the NHS.All the big corporate players are invloved.The only Health progress will be the healthy profits they make.

Criptic.Who’s First ? Intuition ?


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