UK Aid 3

Right then.

Fool me Once,shame on you.Fool me twice,shame on me.FOOL me trice,I pay the PRICE.The price in this case is capitulation.Do we really want to put our hope in a system that only brings turmoil and hatred.Hatred that has been manufactured.The only people to benefit,in any way,are the perpetrators of this myth.It is a stratigic policy that allows the “Powers That Be”to create division,anywhere they choose.I am fucking(sorry)fed up with it all.Are you ?Why, has poverty not been eradicated,are people still starving, have no access to CLEAN water(unless they walk)and NO share in the countries natural wealth????Aid to these areas,is dogged by allegations of mis-appropriation and corruption.Increase Aid then!!”Let them nick a few more quid and we get better results,FOR THE CORPORATE WORLD”,that is.My Oh makes me want to cry.Cry for the injustice of it all.Cry for my lack of fortitude.Sobbing, for the future we are about leave,to people we profess to love.To say we are unfair is an understatement.

The one really important thing that I have come to realise is;no matter your race,religion,politics,hope’s,dreams.If the system is not changed,in favour of Human Beings,we might as well go and live in Japan.(not heart bleeds for the Japanese people,what they have faced and what they may HAVE to face).We must do everything legal that helps bring about a change.Aid for the people in the UK would be a pleasant change.


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