A New Start

April 1st, Lets not be fooled again ? All the conflict,unrest,natural disaster’s. The death and destruction,the poverty. Sound familiar ? Of course it sounds familiar. No change at all from before. Apart from; They are being more aggressive in their approach, they are joining together in every aspect of our daily life,they are now looking to Charities to do more,they are using these times and the Third Sector,to manage and control service’s that THEY wont.While this is going on,they are insisting that small Charities,regional one’s,join a Main Body ??? So they can control things on a National level.Tossers. Unless we do something soon,on a worldwide basis,we are doomed.

Illusion’s ? That is what we are fed each and every day.Me,I look at the greater scheme. What is their objective this time ?Their plan will be part of it,hidden in small print.When are we going to put a halt to this unjust treatment.They wish to make most of the world a “Third World”. People that have NOTHING do not care for politics,they do not care about their neighbour.People will eventually just care about survival.Survival of the family.

Do Something Do what, you may ask.How do I know ? This is my little effort. To say that “The Powers That Be”make me angry would be an UNDERSTATEMENT.The anger continue’s with the way,we,the people,sit back and “Take It”?!?! The only method left is the joining of all people. This has never been tried before,HAS IT ? If we keep on hating,for no reason,we might as well say:Get on with it,you have our blessing


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