Third World

May Day,Hey Hey ! I have been absent from my post(awol)for the past few weeks.I went to do some Charity work in the Far East,Philippines. What I encountered in Manila was heartbreaking.Young children begging,sleeping on the ground.Filthy with torn clothes.NO ONE to care for them.Far too many negative things to put on this blog,it would be the longest post ever.

THE POINT BEING.This is what the “Powers That Be”want to create everywhere.They wish their world to be “THIRD WORLD”for most of us.Control is the name of the game for them. ” DEBT”.All over the world people are either losing their jobs,having to take pay cuts.Working longer for less pay.Food prices at all time high’s.Fuel prices going through the roof.To be fair though,Hong Kong has introduced a minimum wage,£2-18 an hour.Thier safe then ??Water is the next and most important part of this agenda.We are going to be paying for water in a way never before seen in the West.Watch this space.

DEBT.From student debt,to debt just to survive.When one looks at the overall debt in the world,from political,corporate,private.It all comes down to the GREEDY fucking bwankers.They control ALL by debt.They control the national banks,or what most of you idiots see as national banks.There is no such bank.ALL banks are private banks.Try and find out who owns these banks and you will be given bullshit and the run around.80% of the bank of England is privately owned.Allegdely,the royal family are shareholders.

POLITICS.Give me a break ? AV referendum ?More bullshit.A New Approach is what is needed.Pluck the best Graduates,those with a social conscious,straight from University,as candidates.No parachuting of candidates,just to win an election.People who live in area only.The one’s that have worked long and hard in community work.No ageism,as long as their brain is functioning,the only requirement.

IMMIGRATION.Here I go again.It has been a never-ending cause.The fragmentation of society is the “Powers That Be”most important ploy.Whilst they centrailse.When oversea’s,I saw the same products,by the same manufacturer’s,that we see on a daily basis.All the big players are there.The adverts on tv for these products are,more misleading than anything in this country.The income and pay for these people is shameful.Let me tell you this,if I lived in such abject poverty,I would do all in my power to live in a different country,AND SO WOULD YOU.

BENEFIT.Once again a bone of contention.Who should get it ?Who cheats the system ?£5 billion is the figure I read.£5 billion put down as the cost of EU people movement to this country.If the politicians stopped feathering their own and bwankers nests,these figures would be inconsequential.The NHS is now going into the hands of big US corporations or other donors of political parties. Southern Cross Care Homes comes to mind ???They allow them to do as they wish,with no real scrutiny.The care they provide is tantamount to MURDER.PLEASE buy and read,Private-Eye Magazine.You will be AMAZED by what you read.You will shake your head in dis-belief. I have been reading it,on and off,for over 40 years.They publish things YEARS before any other publication that I know of. NO, I am not paid anything to write this about them.Just buy it and read it.



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