The EU

Why even bother with this sham ? Once again the threat of economic workers moving to different states is causing unrest.Most of this unrest is a media driven,scare-mongering tactic,played out for the “Powers that Be” Whilst this is happening,in Germany now,people forget their own woe’s and start blaming. The blame game is all part of the strategy to fragment society.Soon German people are going to be up in arms.Their government say they will protect German workers.I would like to know how they intend to do so ?By breaking the rules of the EU,I don’t think so.Anyway, with the (manufactured)world financial crisis,people in Germany are going to opt for the cheap labour,rather than pay the going rate in that country.Oh yes my friends,that is the reality of life.The government are following orders.Orders from the people they are in DEBT to.Work it out for yourself my friends.


Another joke.He is said to be banned from the EU ????But do not forget how he is now cosseted by the bankers.Zimbabwe has found diamond mines,that are equal if not larger than those in SA.Funny old world ? Will he be the next Gaddafi ? AGAIN !!Please wake up.


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