Sometimes It Is Nice

Yeah,sometimes it is nice to be having a drink. I can then forget about the way the world is.The horrible,fragmentation of society.The desperate measure’s that one has to take,to survive.Even now thinking of these things,takes away any enjoyment in having a few cans of beer.Woe is me !!!What are we to do ? Come on people.It feels like I am alone.We all want the same things in life.Colour,creed,religion are of no consequence in this age.The same wants apply to us all.We can,if we join as one,thwart the status quo.The governing bodies that we all so detest can be brought to their knee’s.I say time and time again,all the ngos,liberal do gooder’s,charities and any of the same ilk,are P—ing in the wind.They expect it,they have got you.No protest works when it conform’s to their way of thinking.You had better heed my words.SOON they will be using some ploy or law that enables them to stop me writing this blog ????


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