David Cameron

Same old bullshit.Public v Private sector+ Voluntary+Charities.Just give us a break will you ? One can tell he was once a PR man.I said on this blog a few months ago about the change that I saw happening with regards Charities.They are being turned into corporations,by decree.Small charities are now having to join National bodies and governed by these same baddies.I bet the Care Home Inspectorate is not put out to tender.Why do we suffer all this ?Voting for the same corrupt people again and again.Blind are we.Don’t you think it is time for a New Approach.An approach that is better for ALL people.A caring society,where people come first.Not the GREEDY one that we all live under.Everyone wants to happy inside.We are walking straight into their trap if nothing is done soon it will be too late.I do not hate anyone,I have respect for people.Colour,creed and whatever other name,stereotype you care to add.We are all the same.Human Beings. We must use this as our template.We must not let them kettle us any more.Housing Benefit(kettling)Transport Cost(kettling)New Laws(kettling)Can you not see where this iss heading ?If you are not productive in some way,you will be living in a third world society.


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