The Big Con

You poor mis guided voters.Or should it be tossers ? Once again you have fallen into their trap.The BBC (Rupert Murdoch) correspondent Brian Taylor,is awash with enthusiasm about the victory of the SNP(pleased Gal ?)in the local elections.Him and Nick(i will do anything to be successful,TOSSER) Robinson are the type of people we do not want to be reporting on,ANYTHING.They are part of the conspiracy(knowingly or not).How do you like that ???? The people who voted today(i was not one of them)are just as guilty.You simple minded dim wits are only helping David(pr man)Cameron to enhance the plans of the real RULERS of society.They are LAUGHING at you.You simple idiots.Get real,change the system,not the Party.I could SWEAR at you,but it would be a waste of time.WAKE THE F–K UP. You are as bad as the political system that invades upon us daily,by your inept focus.


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